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It is always good to receive some tips during your travel and about destinations you plan to visit. In this case we will show you some useful tips that may be helpful during your stay and visit to Cuzco and Machu Pichu.

Electrical System

The electrical system and Cuzco in Peru is 220 volts. In most places all the sockets are ambivalent, to round pins (as in Spain) or flat (as in US). This information will certainly be useful in case you plan to charge your devices like digital cameras, video phones, mobile, etc.


Cuzco has a variety of silver jewelry, alpaca wool and pima cotton. The crafts are very popular worldwide. You can apply for discounts when you visit craft markets at Cuzco. Normally the discount you get is 10 or 15%.

Tips at Cuzco

Typically 10% service charge is included in all prices in Cuzco restaurants. Usually people give 10% tip for the waiter. In the case of tourist guides and taxi drivers the tip is voluntary, usually you don’t need to pay tip for taxi drivers because the price is agreed beforehand.

Internet and Phone in Cuzco

In Cuzco there are public phone booths and cybercafes at very accessible rates from where people can access the Internet or call your family and friends far away. Also you can do local calls for example if you need to book Hotel accomodation, make contacts, etc. Peru sells telephone calling cards with different names and images, which are readily available in bookstores, newsstands and markets.

Currency & Exchange

The unit of currency in Peru is the Sun (s/). Most Hotels, inns, restaurants and shops accept U.S. dollars in Cuzco, but if you want to exchange dollars into local currency is advisable to do so in official exchange offices only or a Bank in order to avoid disappointment.

Mailing at Cuzco

A letter or postcard takes about a week to reach its destination. Mailboxes and stamps are available in most bookstores, shopping, Hotels and the central post office.


Peru timezone is GMT-5, very close to the tropics, so be aware that people here have a more relaxed time.

Public Transportation

There are no metered taxis in Peru but in which the price is agreed (usually before boarding). Before boarding the taxi fare agreed upon with the driver. Remember to carry small denomination coins to pay for the service.

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