Stone of twelve angles from Cuzco

On the street Rumiyoq Hatun, also known as the Calle Roca Mayor, is the palace of Inca Roca, which currently belongs to the Archbishop’s Palace. In this street you can see the enigmatic stone of twelve angles from Cuzco that is considered unique in the world and is a cornerstone reference in the city of Cuzco.

The street runs from the Plaza de Armas to the San Blas district and it is really very easy to locate that stone in the city while you walk there. The Stone of twelve angles is famous for the perfect assembly at the corners and sides which can not be entered or a pin or paper. The stone fits perfectly and it is possible to take pictures next to it. The stone has a considerable size. It should be noted also that there are all kinds of crafts and souvenirs in Cuzco using this stone.View and take a picture on the stone of 12 angles is definitely a must-stop for those traveling to Cusco for sightseeing or vacation.

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